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Jan 12, 2013 6:00pm PST
bay packers are taking on the san francisco 49ers. boomer: colin kaepernick rolls to the left. ill advised throw. sam shields 52-yard interception return. but what is so amazing about the quarterbacks, they forget. why did jim harbaugh go to colin kaepernick over alex smith? 20 yards, he goes in and ties it up at 7-7. this just happened. how about dejuan harris touchdown run right up the middle. coach said in pregame, dejuan harris will be the x-factor. extra point pending right now for green bay. there you go. james: that will be one to be watched as well. boomer: not many people have talked about russell wilson. that means to tell me we appreciate what he has done. i think he will have a good game tomorrow. why? who is the panthers quarterback, cam newton? he had a lot of success against atlanta this year. james: we talked last week about how many plays that baltimore defense played. let's go to their locker room. >> we had them right where we wanted them. right where we wanted them. this is from the owner. he texted during the game. he has n
Jan 26, 2013 6:00pm PST
whitekid from the san francisco suburbs but not this combat veteran. >> one of my favorite students was killed in gun violence. >> reporter: that student was aeb-year-old lucki parnell. she was about to graduate when she was shot sitting outside her home two years ago. >> it was tough. because you know what it's like with your military experience, but i never imagined i'd have to face that again as a teacher. let me hear from someone on this side of the room. >> reporter: a newcomer to the classroom, it was his years on the battlefield that allowed brian thompson to give his students what few other teachers could-- exactly what they needed. >> i'm there to listen and always just let them be, hey i've lost friends, too in similar ways. i tell them my fellow veterans, look into teaching. you are bringing such a skill set to this job. and you need to, you know, share those experiences share those skills with the students of this country and help this generation do great things. >> axelrod: there are a total of 100 teachers with military experience in teach for america's program now. th
Jan 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
-- a teaching conference, two weeks in san francisco. she was so excited. - what happened? - i don't know exactly, but she was at the grocery store down the street buying food, and a vehicle, i think a van, drove through a red light. it kept going. - ah, a hit-and-run. i remember reading about that. i was out of town when it happened. but it was in all the newspapers when i got back. how do they know it was a van? - they don't, but i do. i saw the tire tracks on the street. they were still there when i got here. i know something about cars. i'm a mechanic back home. they were in the road. they are from a headlamp. - have you been to the police? - yes. they are doing all they can. that is what they say. - and you made these? "reward for information. 12,000 naira." that's very generous. - not really. it is $85. i am not a rich man like you. - yes. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. what, what, what, what, what is this? what are you doing? - oh, i'm so sorry. it's so rude of me. please, would you like one? - no, no, no thank you. but do you-- do you have to-- - it calms my nerves. you did say for
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)